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Born in Clearwater Florida Dec 13 of 1986, second child of a greek-american family, that grew under the gastronomical attention of a greek mother, grandmother and grandfather.

In July 1993, the family moved to the greek island of Kalymnos and was introduced to a diet of home-cooked locally-grown delicacies, while living under the legendary aegean culture and quality of life.

I studied IT and worked as a DJ, before entering the obligatory military service, where I was swiftly appointed chef de cuisine. Thus my taste for cooking manifested, along with the understanding that: the artistry and fantasy of crafting excellence, is an art in itself.

I am proud to be able to carry and instil my beloved kalymnian tradition, in the very heart of my creations – also committed in expanding my skill, knowledge, experience and imagination… indefinitely.


 The Fat Duck (3 star Michelin)  Heston Blumenthal Bray – England

Waterside Inn (3 star michelin)
 Michel Roux, Bray – England

Pure C Restaurant (1 star Michelin)
 Sergio Herman – Netherlands

Daniel Berlin Krog (2 Star michelin)
 Daniel Berlin – Sweden 

Noble restaurant (Golden Toque)
 Rhodes – Greece

Cuvee restaurant (Awarded Alpha Guide – Greek contemporary cuisine & 1 Star FNL)
 Kos – Greece


Michael Marthas is a Graduate of the School of Tourism Professions of Rhodes, with studies in Hotel-Restaurant Technique and Culinary Art. He has worked in Hotel units and services in Greece and abroad all around the world. He has been Executive Chef at Cuvee Restaurant (an FNL BRA Awards star and Athinaroma Greek Cuisine Award), Aqua Grant and Mykonos.

He has also carried out several commissions in the Bahamas: Bahamar, Albany Marine, AirCuilinary, Titans Hospitality as well as in Bulgaria and the Aegean Islands. In 2019 he was awarded as the best Young Chef of Greece by restaurant 100, as well as in 2015 and 2016 he was in the quarter-finals of the San Pellegrino Young Chef global competition in Tel Aviv.

At this period, it is in the position of Ex. Chef in Marathia (2** star FNL BRA Awards, Greek cuisine award and Top Nortch Athinorama award). For the last 3 years he has been intensively employed as R&D (research and progress) on sustainability, locality and zero waste in Greek gastronomy, as well as having completed online training on the EDX platform of Harvard University in the category Food Fermentation: The science of cooking with mibrobes.


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Consulting Restaurants

Private Chef on the Island of Mykonos Greece for Giorgio Armani, Vogue, Frank Muller, President of Kuwait, Dsquared2. 

Private Chef at Bluescapes yachts traveling all around greek islands for very individual customers.

Consulting Chef at Titans hospitality (Bahamas),  Bahamar Hotel, Albany Marine, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan

Cooked especially for the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

 R&D and Consultant Chef at Bahamas, Greece, Brasil, Sweden, Switzerland, Bansko. 

The artistry and fantasy of crafting excellence, is an art in itself

- Michael Marthas

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